KINK - Charlotte Sartre, Dee Williams - Butthole Prison: Dee Williams Locks Up Charlotte Sartre for Anal Fraud - HD/720p

Charlotte Sartre is a very disobedient inmate at the all womens prison. Shes been keistering anal toys and copulating with the other female prisoners. The Butthole Prison has brought attention to the Warden on this issue. Anal Warden, Dee Williams is a no nonsense busty MILF who has been known for doing extraordinarily cruel and unusual things to her female inmates. Charlotte denies shes done anything wrong and seems to think she can prove her innocence by NOT being able to fit any toys into her tight ass. If the anal toys dont fit, you must acquit. Unfortunately for anal hungry Charlotte, try as hard as she can to keep her asshole tight, it just wants to stay open and suck up everything in its path. You could drive a truck through Charlottes loose butthole. Dee starts with a nice firm over the knee spanking. Charlottes tushy turns bright red and she writhes with pain and pleasure. The spanking isnt enough punishment, so Dee starts fingering and plugging Charlottes asshole with toys. Charlottes ass starts gaping wide open and Dee knows right away that she has caught her Anal Toy Smuggler and needs to administer a full anal examination. Dee then has to check the entire asshole so she performs a body cavity search putting her entire fist into Charlottes ass. Determined to understand how Charlottes has been getting all these toys past the prison inspections, Dee has Charlotte demonstrate how she was able to stretch her ass out for keistering. Charlotte puts a giant red butt plug in Dees asshole so that Dee can see how easy it is to hide things in buttholes. After learning how Charlotte is doing her bad deeds, Dee must perform one last punishment, She straps on a huge anal dildo and strap on fucks her poor, powerless inmate, leaving her asshole gaping wide open.
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  • 2 - Ariel X, Maya Kendrick - Maya Kendrick Gets Fisted and Fucked by Ariel X - HD/720p

Ariel X brings suspect Maya Kendrick back to the last scene of her crime. Wide eyed Maya claims shes never been here before, but Ariel knows better than to trust the words of this slut. Arial decides to re-enact the events from that night when the criminal known as the Infamous Butthole Fister fisted their last victim. Ariel spanks and sniffs Mayas asshole before sliding a butt plug straight in Mayas ass. Every time Ariel pops it in and out Maya hungry hole gapes wide open ready for more. Ariel pries Mayas asshole open with her fingers to get a good look at Mayas pink insides. Then Ariel grabs the 2 foot long slink monster and pushes it almost all the way in Mayas ass. Maya moans as the toy sinks in, inch by inch, stretching her open and filling up her insides. Now that Mayas hole is properly stretched, Ariel takes turns pushing her fists into Mayas ass. Maya has never been fisted anally before and she loves feeling her asshole swallow Ariels hands. She cums hard on Ariels fists over and over again, her body shaking with orgasms. Once that Mayas ass is gaping open, Ariel wants to see what Maya can do to her asshole. Maya slides a fat plug into Ariels ass and then replaces it with her fist. Ariel cant stop cumming as Maya fist fucks her. With her hand in Ariel, Maya admits she is the culprit! With this confession, Ariel knows she must punish Maya, and fucks her ass with a huge strap-on cock. Mayas eyes flutter up as Ariel pounds her pretty pink asshole. Mayas ass is left raw and gaping -- the fister has become the fisted.
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  • 1 - Lea Lexis, Lily Lane - Party Slut Lily Lane gets anally stretched and fucked by Lea Lexis - HD/720p

Mega slut Lily Lane is attending one of the hottest events of the summer -- Lea Lexis pool party. Lily knows party goers arent allowed to enter the main house, but after spying her favorite wine through an open window, she cant resist! She sneaks in and starts rummaging through the bar. When Lea catches Lily inside, she knows this slut is after more than just a bathroom. Lea leads Lily to her bedroom, throws her on the bed, and decides to have some fun. She ties Lily up and tugs down her bikini bottoms only to find that Lily is wearing a sparkling jeweled butt plug. Lily is embarrassed and promises to leave immediately if Lea releases her, but Lea isnt about to let that happen, not after finding such a hot slut like Lily Lane stretched open and ready for more. She takes out Lilys buttplug and starts fucking Lilys asshole with big metal dildos. Lily moans as the cold metal dicks stretch out her poor asshole. Lea pops them in and out just to watch Lilys asshole gape over and over again. Next she uses a 2 foot long toy to fill Lily all the way up. Lily is horrified to see what Lea wants to put in her, but her hungry hole swallows up that toy over half way before Lea decides this horny slut ass is ready for her fist. She squeezes all her fingers into Lily and slowly sinks her fist in. Lily cries out as her asshole stretches to accommodate Leas fist. Seeing Lilys ass all stretched open makes Lea want her ass stretched too. She has Lily insert multiple plugs in her own ass, and once shes got a good gape, she holds her asshole open for Lily to lick. Lily eagerly licks Leas ass, turning into quite the obedient little whore. Finally Lea breaks out her huge strap-on cock to fuck Lily. Lily moans as Lea pushes her fat cock into her asshole. Lea loves hearing all of Lilys slut noises and fucks Lily nice and deep, ramming her cock all the way into Lilys asshole. Lily loves getting fucked and cums hard all over Leas cock. Now that Lilys ass is all used up, Lea kicks her out and sends her back outside with her ass all loose and wrecked.
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