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This day starts off like any other.but it is definitely not going to end up like the rest. Mother wakes u up from bed on her birthday and tells u, father has something planned for her and u will be left alone for the evening. She then goes upstairs where u follow her sneakily and watch her thru the crack in the door as shes getting changed and getting into the shower.. u then cant help urself and swing the shower door open scaring the sh*t out of mom and seeing her beautiful body naked and lathered. She then comes down to have a talk with you and then wants to show off her new outfit. You check her out and wait with her as father will be home soon. After a few mins of him not showing mom calls, YUP ! He has to work late again.MOM IS you decide to take care of her. Make a nice supper for the two of u with some candle u are making supper.u hear alot of moaning coming from her bedroom..what the hell is she doingso u call for her, she comes down stairs and u share a lovely meal with a sensual build up.then she wants to show u how much she appreciates u,,..but only from the bedroom.u go upstairs .and..see for urself.
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  • 1 - Kalina Ryu - Testing An Asian Throat - FullHD/1080p

Asian cocksucker Kalina Ryu has an oral fixation. Since her sexual awakening she was trained to be a total pro of dick blowing. Now the time has come that all her training will be put to the test when the gorgeous Kalina gets throat fucked by a monster cock.
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