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Blah, blah, fuckin blah. Victoria June is so bored of her office job shes just gabbing away on the phone to her bestie and talking shit about her work, drawing pictures of pizzas and tossing rubber bands around her cube like its raining office supplies. But when she discovers that you, her boss, have been spying on her the whole time shes been fucking off, her attitude changes instantly. Suddenly shes telling you she really needs the job and that she hasnt been focused because shes been moonlighting as a lingerie model. In fact, she gives you a little peek at the undergarments shes been strutting around in for her side gig. And when she does, you have to admit to yourself that those big fat tits of hers youve been jerking off to look pretty damn hot in that bra shes bursting out of! And when she kneels down and tells you that shes willing to do ANYTHING to keep her job, you know right then and there that you will never, ever fire her.
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