NaughtyOffice/NaughtyAmerica - Victoria June - Naughty Office - HD/720p

Blah, blah, fuckin blah. Victoria June is so bored of her office job shes just gabbing away on the phone to her bestie and talking shit about her work, drawing pictures of pizzas and tossing rubber bands around her cube like its raining office supplies. But when she discovers that you, her boss, have been spying on her the whole time shes been fucking off, her attitude changes instantly. Suddenly shes telling you she really needs the job and that she hasnt been focused because shes been moonlighting as a lingerie model. In fact, she gives you a little peek at the undergarments shes been strutting around in for her side gig. And when she does, you have to admit to yourself that those big fat tits of hers youve been jerking off to look pretty damn hot in that bra shes bursting out of! And when she kneels down and tells you that shes willing to do ANYTHING to keep her job, you know right then and there that you will never, ever fire her.
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MyFirstSexTeacher/NaughtyAmerica - Brooklyn Chase - My First Sex Teacher - HD/720p

what Lucas is trying to do when he takes notes for all the girls in his class who skip. But when his professor, Brooklyn Chase, discovers this kind of tomfoolery is occurring within her classroom, she sees him privately to tell him that those girls wont ever go out with him; rather, theyre just using him. As soon as Lucas Pucas glumly admits that hes never been with a girl. Prof. Chase uses it as an opportunity to teach her student a lesson, and show him what its like to be with a woman, guiding his head down straight in between her legs. Academia wont ever beat this life lesson for Lucas, and after fucking and cumming all over his teacher and her big tits, his note-taking days for college girls are over!
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NaughtyOffice/NaughtyAmerica - Mya Mays - Naughty Office - HD/720p

The best way to get a promotion is to find sex photos of your competing co-worker and leak them to the office, right? Well, thats what Tyler thinks as hes rummaging through the desk of Mya Mays, who purportedly is holding some pictures of herself bangin their friend in the mailroom. But when Mya pops into her office and catches Tyler in the act, the shoe is on the other foot, and Myas foot goes in Tylers crotch! Unless he wants her to call HR and get his ass canned, Tylers going to have to give Mya what she wants: his big white dick in her hot black pussy! He cant believe whats actually happening until the ebony babe is on her knees blowing him! But will he still find the alleged photos and fight for the promotion? Find the fuck out!
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MySistersHotFriend/NaughtyAmerica/HD) - Gianna Dior - My Sisters Hot Friend - HD/720p

Thinking shes all alone, Gianna Dior is trying to enjoy a nice topless day out by her friends pool, rubbing sunshine and lotion into her olive-skinned, natural tits, all while her friend and her family are away on vacation. But not all of them! Giannas gettin jiggy with her nipples until shes surprised by her friends brother JMac, who walks out onto the deck and asks why shes there. After a bout of confusion, explanation and, finally, clarity, they both settle on using the pool together, and Gianna being comfortable with her tits out in front of him. What she didnt expect was for JMac to jump into the pool and climb out of it butt-ass naked, his massive schlong bouncing around in the sun, dripping wet. But shes happier he did skinny dip than didnt, because her boyfriend sure as hell doesnt have a big dick like that! And since nobody else is around, why not put it in her mouth and pussy?!
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