FakeAgent/FakeHub - Rhiannon Ryder - Skinny Petite Model Loves Big Cock - SD/368p

I had spoken to Rhiannon Ryder over the phone before our interview, but she was even more sexy in person than her voice suggested. I started by recapping our conversation, then asked Rhiannon if she had any questions. The Scottish blonde was interested in how much money she could make, so I told her the best way to make money as a model in this agency was adult entertainment. Rhiannon was very interested, and told me how she loved to masturbate her pussy five or six times a day! We moved on to taking some pictures...
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FakeAgent/FakeHub - Angel Emily - Sexy Model In Perfect Casting Fuck - SD/368p

I had another client come through the door to interview today, a lovely blonde woman of French origin named Angel Emily. Angel had tried her hand at modeling previously, but when it didnt work out, contacted our agency to see what we could do for her. Obviously I have a lot of friends who I could show her to, but first I needed to see what her body had to offer and what kind of skills she had. I snapped some pictures of her fully clothed, then helped her strip so I could take some pictures of her naked tits and tiny...
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PublicAgent/FakeHub - Florane Russell - Fucked In Car And Cum On Her Tits - SD/368p

No matter what time of day or night it is, when you see a beautiful blonde babe like Florane Russel on the street you stop to make a move. Florane was waiting for a bus, but it wasnt going to show up for another hour. I gave her the usual song and dance about a casting agency, though this time was a lot more believable than usual thanks to Floranes big fake tits, thin waist, and bubble butt. The 23 year old accepted some money for a casting and showed me her naked body, so I offered her 10k for a blowjob. She wasnt...
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