- Cat Collar - First Porno For Sex-Addicted Slag - SD/480p

First, the facts. Cat Collar is a sex addict. Shes 26. She estimates that by the time she turned 18 shed fucked around a thousand guys. She needs to fuck at least once a day. She works as an escort but sometimes even that doesnt sate her appetite so she goes out and picks up random guys in pubs. Shes also a swinger and openly admits that shes the girl whos always strapped to the bed with a blindfold on just getting used by everyone. Cat is also a hardcore submissive who relishes pain, humiliation and degradation.This week were honoured to present Cats very first porn scene. As you watch her videos, starting with a solo scene in which she cant stop squirming and twitching after shes cum, then her scene (in which Pascal abuses her gag reflex, spanks the living daylights out of her arse and fucks her till she cant take anymore), then the BTS video of her photoshoot (in which she sucks and fucks P for the first time and which runs to nearly half-an-hour, the longest weve ever shot), you will witness a woman behaving in an almost unimaginable state of heightened sexual arousal. As another measure of this, check out the solo photos when shes standing over me pulling her cunt lips open. At that point we hadnt shot the fuck pics, or the solo, or the scene and shes soaked. And dont, whatever you do, miss her interview because Cat Collar sure does have some stories to tell. Not to mention the fact that even the sight of her shivering with nerves will be enough to get your cock hard.
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