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Is the little loser already on his knees? Are you excited to worship my ass? Its like the highlight of your life. The only thing that feels good to you is getting to pay to stroke to me. Its all that you have to look forward to. Stroking, begging, and spending, this is your entire world. If you want to see my ass, I want you to beg. And I know how badly you want to see it. I want to know how badly you think you need it. I wanna know how much you truly love my ass. And I know you love it because its so fucking perfect. There it is loser. My big, round juicy ass. Its just a dose of what youve been needing, everything youve been aching for. Its all right here on your computer screen. And dont worry, its not going anywhere. It looks so good in my tight little dress. And when I pull it up and show you my ass its really going to fuck you up. You take ass obsession to the next level, dont you? Youre so needy for my ass. My ass is all that matters to you. Anytime you see a clip with my ass in it you just have to buy it. You jump to buy it. Good boy. Take it all in from down there on your knees right where you belong as you jerk yourself stupid. I know youre going to watch this over and over again, rewiring your own brain. Youre becoming so addicted to my ass. Youre going to need to buy all of my ass clips. You need this collection to just beat your stupid cock to every single night when youre all alone. Youre always all alone. Youll always need my ass. You feel this need to worship and pay my ass as your goon away to it. Now watch it again loser, watch it until you cant think anymore.MP4 * 390 MB * 00:05:16 * 1280x720 Jerk off me Watch Online
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