AllGirlMassage/FantasyMassage - Abella Danger, Haley Reed - The Detective And The Thief - FullHD/1080p

Detective Abella Danger walks into the massage parlor and immediately goes to the front desk and starts shifting stuff around. She got a call about some missing money and is hoping to find a clue so she can wrap up the case. She starts looking around and opening the drawers to look through them. When Haley Reed walks in the room, shes shocked to find a stranger rummaging through the salon. She asks the person what theyre doing. Abella takes off her coat and hat. She continues looking around and responds that she got a call about some missing money. Haley changes her tone from aggressive to personable and asks if Abella has found anything or how she can be of any assistance. She cant let Abella know that SHES the thief shes tracking down. Haleys efforts backfire as the suspicious Abella stops dead in her tracks and starts pummeling Haley with questions. Abella stops dead in her tracks and starts pummeling Haley with questions. Her tone is serious as shes determined to find her suspect. Where was she on the day in question? Did she have an alibi?
  • 4-12-2018, 20:53
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AllGirlMassage - Brandi Love, Jill Kassidy - Friendly Competition - FullHD/1080p

Brandi Love is in her car on the phone with her receptionist and is royally pissed off. Shes just been informed that another one of her regulars has switched salons and is going to the new one down the street. This is the 4th client theyve lost to the competition and shes had enough. What is this new salon providing that is taking clients that have gone to her establishment for years? The only way to find out is to go down there and investigate it herself. She asks her receptionist to book an appointment under a fake name and make the call from a pay phone to not arouse any suspicion. If shes going to go undercover, she needs to make sure theyre not onto her.
  • 28-11-2018, 15:25
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