- Zoey Monroe, Jayden Cole - Date Night Swap - FullHD/1080p

Zoey Monroe is on a date, but can barely keep her eyes open. Bored out of her mind, she looks around the restaurant. Jayden Coles on a boring date of her own at the same place, and as she locks eyes with Zoey, theres an instant connection. They smile at each other alluringly. Zoey excuses herself from her date and gets up to use the washroom. Jayden sees her go, licks her lips, and follows the hot blonde. Zoey pulls her into the bathroom and they laugh about both being on shitty dates. Zoey gets closer to the red-headed bombshell, suggesting with a naughty smile that they make their own date. Jayden doesnt need any convincing and kisses Zoey hard. Eager for some privacy, Zoey closes the bathroom door, jumps up onto the counter and wraps her legs around Jayden as their tongues snake around each others mouths. Jayden feels Zoeys soft body and kisses her neck as Zoey smacks Jaydens supple ass. Soon, Jayden is touching Zoeys tits, and she moans with pleasure. Jayden takes off Zoeys top and licks her hard nipples. Before their dates even have time to order dessert, Zoeys whole dress is off, revealing her shaved pussy, and Jayden goes in for some dessert of her own. Licking Zoeys pussy excitedly, Jayden spits on her clit and uses her fingers to make it even juicier. Zoey cant get enough of Jaydens expert tongue and sets out to make sure that Jayden gets the same loving attention. As their date night swap gets even more intense, one things for sure: those boys back at the tables have NO idea what theyre missing!
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NFBusty - Georgie Lyall, Kayla Green, Nikki Nutz - Double Your Pleasure - HD/720p

Georgie Lyall and Kayla Green enjoy an afternoon in bed while Nikki Nutz watches, caressing one anothers soft skin and pressing their big boobs together. Their romp continues as they lay side by side, kissing and stroking each others pussies through their panties. Things keep heating up as they pull down the hidden flaps in each of their bras, creating a lingerie peep show.

When the two girls get on their hands and knees and beckon Nikki closer, hes not about to turn down that luscious invitation! They flock to him like bees to honey, kissing and stroking as they work his pants off. Once his erection springs free, they work in tandem to wrap one set of lips around his shaft and then the other. The girls take turns, suckling Nikkis balls and deep throating his hardon.

As Georgie continues her cock gobbling adventure, Kayla moves north to press her tits into Nikkis face. She swaps her breasts for her juicy snatch as she sits on Nikkis face, timing her conquest for the moment that Georgie impales herself on his fuck stick. The girls rock their hips in time, creating a double-pussy pleasing rhythm.

Swapping spots so Kayla can have her ride on the D, the blonde duo continues their domination. Nikki continues to enjoy the pleasure of a tight snatch milking his cock while using his soft lips to enjoy every drop of dewy wetness from the bald snatch thats riding his face. When Georgie leans in so that her breasts hang over Nikkis mouth, he gives her the titty suckling she demands.

The girls switch spots once again so Georgie can resume sucking Nikki off while Kayla once again presses her snatch to his mouth. Then Kayla moves down Nikkis body so she can once again share the delight of his fuck stick. The duo keeps stroking and sucking until Nikki gets to his knees to out a new position.

On her knees with Georgie kneeling beside her, Kayla moans in delight as Nikki slides home once again. Georgie does whatever she can to increase the sheer pleasure that the other two members of her threesome feel, sucking Nikkis cock and stroking Kaylas clit and heavy breasts. After another quick mutual suck, Georgie gets her second climax as she lays on her back and watches as Nikki pistons in and out of her greedy snatch.

The sight of the two sated blondes laid out side by side before him is too much for Nikki to handle. Pulling out of Georgies tight glove, he takes aim at Kaylas bosom. Covered in cum, Kayla leans in to give Georgie a deep kiss as she kneads her dripping knockers
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  • 1 - Tiffanys - Tiffany - Hugh Blindfold Grant - HD/720p

You can read the excitement written all over Grants face when he gets what he thinks is one-on-one time with coed favorite Tiffany. Sure, they have some fun together - but the horny blonde has a lot more fun planned for him! She gets him blindfolded and invites Hugh into the fun. It doesnt take long for Grant to figure out something is up, but hes enjoying it too much to mind. Hes up for Tiffanys game- and now Hughs! When Hugh slides into the party - he really slides in! Talk about Nirvana! Grant gets an ass-full right as hes balls deep in Tiffanys mouth. Add the sense deprivation and its all he can do to not shoot his load right then and there! He begs to be fucked harder - and Hugh is more than up for the job. Tiffany isnt done though, not before she gets to experience Grants monster cock! Once again Grant is in the middle and absolutely everyone is having one hell of a time! Grants cum gets everywhere, but Hughs load lands perfectly in Grants mouth. After kissing and sucking up some of his load from Grants mouth, Hugh thanks Tiffany for her help by giving her a taste as well!
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