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Good friends Ella and Carol want to take their friendship to the next level. They both caress each other as they strip naked and Ella starts to lick Carols ass hole. She loves rimming and follows up with ass fingering and these playful girls switch places so that Ella enjoys the same treatment! Using a pink dildo, Ella inserts it into Carols ass and really enjoys giving her pleasure. Carol then bends Ella over, on her back as she slides a red vibrator in her ass afterwards! These girls are very fair when it comes to anal toy play! They switch between each other as they get off using the red vibrator and after they have finished, this erotic couple kiss.
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Dark haired hotties Lexi Dona and Greenvelle tease each other while wearing lingerie on the sofa. Both girls cant wait to get more intimate with each other and soon, Lexi Dona is lying on the sofa while Greenvelle licks her little ass! Lexi returns the favour and soon she has her finger deep in Greenvelles ass. Using a beaded sex toy, she inserts it into Greenvelles hole and makes her lick her own juices. Lexi enjoys being rimmed then Greenvelle inserts a big black pole up inside her ass making her groan! Both girls share this dildo and really enjoy getting their asses filled and licked even more!
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Eveline and Kery love to wake each other up with kisses and today is no different as this gorgeous lesbian couple kiss on the bed. Kery is feeling rather amourous and strips Eveline naked before licking her pussy and rimming her ass. Eveline fingers her own ass while Kerys tongue is working her way around her hole too! Eveline doesnt want Kery feeling left out, so she licks her ass too and fills it with a little sex toy! Kerys ass is gaped wide apart, first with their fingers and secondly with a pair of kitchen tongs! Once fully satisfied, Kery shoves a butt plug in Evelines tight ass, followed by a glass dildo. She licks up all of Evelines juices.
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