- Candy Alexa, Lindsey Cruz - Serendipity Episode 3 - Come To Bed - 2K UHD/2160p

Synopsis: Two cute blonde girls walk past, kissing, while Sarah Smith watches and writes in her journal. As episode three of Nik Foxs erotic movie series Serendipity begins, gorgeous lesbian lovers Candy Alexa and Lindsey Cruz return home, caressing each other in a sweet portrait of domestic bliss. Candy straddles her girlfriend on the bed, kissing her voraciously. Lindsey tugs Candys lace robe open and squeezes her big breasts; Candy kitten-licks Lindseys stiff nipples, then goes face down, ass up to lap at her shaved pussy skilfully. Lindsey moves to her knees so Candy can rim her tight asshole and finger her pussy, driving her to an intense orgasm. Now Candy lies back so Lindsey can lavish attention on her incredible breasts and hot pussy, using her fingers and tongue to make her go wild. Candys huge boobs jiggle hypnotically as she cums hard. They seem like the perfect couple; but what will happen when Lindsey meets Sarah?
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Rachael Cavalli has been lonely since her husband left her, but this bigtit teacher knows how to take care of her own needs. She isnt shy about grabbing a toy to help her masturbate. With one hand on her breasts that peek out of the top of her lingerie bra and the other guiding a dildo all the way into her greedy snatch, she brings herself to climax. Then she takes the toy to the bathroom and prepares herself for a tutoring appointment with her student Juan El Caballo Loco.

Juan is ready to study, but he has to use the bathroom first. When he goes in, he finds Rachaels dildo! Rachel remembers her toy at the same time, and when she confronts Juan he swears he can keep a secret. Since Juan seems to be the trustworthy type, Rachael realizes this is her chance to get nice and close with another person. She confesses her loneliness and then drops to her knees to pull out his stiffie and slide it between her lips.

Juan cant believe his bigtit teacher is blowing his cock, or that he gets the chance to eat out her cream filled fuck hole. Then she gets comfy on the toilet and spreads her thighs so Juan can finally satisfy her cock craving fuck hole. They go at it with Rachael on her back and then turning over onto her hands and knees for a doggy style pussy pounding. Juan waits until his teach has reached her peak, then pulls out to cover Rachaels bottom with his manly stamp of approval.
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