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SCENE OPENS as Rick, a college student, is watching TV one afternoon at his girlfriend parents house. Gina, who recently turned 18, is housesitting for her folks and casually enters the room with a snack for her boyfriend. She is madly in love with him ... and her parents approve too. Even though they are a few years apart, Rick has always been accepted as part of the family. Now, with them away for the whole week, its the perfect opportunity for the couple to play house and Gina is soaking up every minute of it. She sits beside her man, snuggles up, and watches while he eats. After a few minutes of small talk, a look comes over Rick. Hey, do you want to do something else? He asks coyly. Before Gina can respond, he pulls her onto her lap and starts to kiss her. She smiles and kisses him back, unbuttoning his shirt. The young couple tear each others clothes off as they make out. After a few intense minutes of foreplay, Rick flips Gina onto all fours to mount her. The camera focuses on her reaction, as she eagerly waits for her boyfriend to enter. He kisses down her back and leans back to penetrate, when suddenly, her expression changes. WAIT! She yells, and Rick pulls out and sits back. What? he asks, a sly smirk on his face. Looking irritated, she stands up and starts gathering her things in silence. What?! he asks again. Like I told you last time, Rick! she says sternly. You keep trying to put it in the wrong hole!
The next morning. Gina steps out of the shower, wrapping a towel around her body. She goes to the vanity and starts brushing her teeth when she begins to hear sounds coming from her room. She left her boyfriend resting in there. Spitting out her toothpaste, she struts back into her room to find her boyfriend watching porn on her laptop. Rick! she interrupts. What are you doing? Its 10am! He acts aloof and she walks over to the screen, peering down to see what it is hes watching. Its an anal sex scene. Thats disgusting! she says. Rick slowly pulls off her towel, cooing This is what I always do in the morning, babe. I thought you wanted to play house this week? Im just trying to keep it real! He charms her onto the bed and, trying to hide her smile, she sits down. I dont know why you need to watch that stuff when you have me right here, she says quietly. Rick looks her right in the eye. Because Im a dude and thats what we do. Awkwardly, she kisses him and asks that he not watch it at her house. Leaning in close, he whispers that he wouldnt have to if she just let him try it once. The camera lingers on Ginas conflicted face.
One day later. Gina is cooking in the kitchen when Rick comes home from class. He drops his backpack and jokingly says honey, Im home! before running in to kiss her. She seems very happy to be playing house and asks him to help her finish dinner. While they cook together, she asks about his day and reiterates how fun its been this week to live together. Now that she is 18, they should start to talk about doing it for real. Rick appeases her, agreeing to everything, as his hands start to run down her waist and around her ass. The more she talks, the more distracted he gets, kissing her neck and start to rub himself up against her backside. At first, she finds it cute but soon gets frustrated at how focused her boyfriend is on her butt. She stops him and demands respect. How many times does she have to tell him: good girls dont have anal sex. This time, Rick reacts differently. Rather than brush it off or make light of it, he looks genuinely angry. Blowing up at her, he tells her that he doesnt understand why shes such a prude. Theyve been together for three years. He has always been a gentleman. All his friends girlfriends give it up no problem. Why is she holding him back from trying something hes always wanted to try? Does she want to push him away? There are plenty of girls at his school whod been willing to help him out! Gina is dumbstruck by her boyfriends reaction. She asks him if thats an ultimatum and, shaking his head, he tells her that he cant do it any longer. Hes breaking up with her. He storms out of the house, grabbing his bag on the way out, and leaves the girl to crumble into tears in the kitchen.
One day later. Gina sits, heartbroken, on her bed. She opens her laptop and finds the last page viewed on her browser: the anal sex scene her boyfriend had been watching. She stares at it coldly, pressing play and watching in silence as her room fills with sounds of anal orgasms.
Two days later. Gina opens the door to let Rick inside. Its been three days since he stormed out of her parents house and she is beside herself. She has texted him and asked to talk to him. Taking his hand, she leads him back to her bedroom and sits him down on the bed. He isnt sure how to react.
She takes a long deep breath before breaking into a speech, something she clearly spent the last few days preparing. She tells him that she loves him, that he is her best friend, and that she wants to spend the rest of her life with him. She knows how much he wants to try anal and, after thinking it over, she will agree to try it for him. But only once and ONLY if he promises to leave it alone afterwards. Ricks face lights up. He asks if she is sure. Looking at him coldly, she tells him yes. Shell do it ... for him. This descends into the BGA scene. It takes a long time to get the first successful anal penetration and Gina resigns herself to the painal feelings that come with having anal sex for the first time. Rick eagerly talks her through it, every step of the way, taking great pleasure in the experience. The more she loosens up, the more he enjoys it. Overall, the sex scene should accurately portray a first-time anal experience with hyper-realism in terms of reactions.
After he has pulled out and cum on her ass, Rick happily curls up beside his girlfriend in bed. He kisses her and tells her how much he loves her. He thanks her profusely for letting them try this together. Overwhelmed by the experience but happy her boyfriend is back, Gina grimaces and tells him she loves him too. As they rest, Rick whispers softly in her ear that, next time, they should try it with one of his friends. Her eyes pop open, as she realizes what shes gotten herself into!Site: Genre: Categories Brunette, Hardcore, Anal, Natural Tits, Small Tits, Rim Job, Fingering, Interracial, Blowjob, CumshotDateRelease: 05-29-2018

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PureTaboo.com - Kendra Spade, Small Hands - The Anal Virgin - HD/720p - 06-12-2018

SCENE opens early one morning. Jennifer, an 18-year-old girl, slowly wakes up to the sound of slapping coming from down the hall. Confused, she gets out of bed and goes to her doorway. Her step-brother, Jasons room is on the other end of the hall and his door is ajar. The sounds are coming from inside. Nervously, she tip-toes over and peeks inside, seeing her brother, sitting on his bed, with his back to the door, and his laptop open. He is watching a hardcore anal sex movie and feverishly masturbating. Jennifer doesnt know what to do. She watches transfixed as he pumps his cock and dirty talks to the movie, saying how much he likes and wants to fuck anal virgins. Embarrassed, Jennifer slips back to her room and gets into bed. She doesnt know how to feel. She crawls under her covers and lays there in silence, biting her lip. Her thighs squeeze together, and, in an under the cover shot, we see her slide her hand between them and start to touch herself.
Jennifer walks home from school, staring wide-eyed into space. She cant stop thinking about what she saw. She walks up her driveway briskly, enters the house, goes straight to her room, locks her door, and starts masturbating again. This time, she positions herself by a mirror, so she can get down on all fours and see how her asshole reacts when she touches herself.
Cut to several days later. Jennifer has snuck into Jasons room to watch the same movie she caught him with. She stares transfixed at the girls in the movie being plowed from behind. You can see how turned on she is getting.
Cut to several days later. Jennifer is masturbating again. She keeps hearing her brothers dirty talk as she rubs her pussy and starts touching her asshole too. Its so tight. She needs something to loosen it up. She pauses and goes over to her dresser where she examines a few different bottles before settling on a tub of petroleum jelly. This should work. She goes back to bed and uses the jelly to slowly get up to two fingers inside her ass. As she works herself up, she begins to repeat the same dirty talk she heard her brother saying ... except, in her version, she is the anal virgin that he desires. She fingers herself (first her butt and then both holes) until she cums down her legs.
That night, Jason comes home from a class hes been taking at the community college. He walks right past where his sister is sitting in the living room, ignoring her as usual. The step-siblings have never had a very close relationship. Jennifer hears him go into his room, put down his things, and start the shower. Their parents are out for the evening and she knows that tonight is her only chance to make something happen. She sneaks to his room, strips out of her clothes and gets onto his bed, her ass arched out in the direction of his bathroom. She hears the shower stop and closes her eyes nervously.
Jason walks out of his bathroom in a towel and is horrified to see his younger step-sister in such a compromising position on his bed. WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU DOING?! He yells, trying to cover her up. Not knowing exactly how to react, Jennifer tries to repeat some of the dialogue she heard the girls saying in the porno movie. Her brother is grossed out and tells her to stop, asking where she heard shit like that. Shes only 18-years-old. Theyre family! This is inappropriate! Jennifer sits on her butt and confesses that she saw him masturbating the other morning. She saw what he was watching. Jason is offended that he spied on her. He is a grown man. Hes allowed to watch porn. She tells him that she cant stop thinking about what she saw. Awkwardly, Jason explains to her that it was just a movie. He sits down beside her, trying to act like a good older brother. Guys watch porn because its a fantasy ... its not real. Its just meant to help you get off, he says, trying to comfort her. You shouldnt think too much about it or be offended. She stares down at the bulge in his towel. I saw how big your dick was, she whispers, looking back up at him with doe eyes. He awkwardly covers himself and gets back off the bed. Thats gross, he tells her. I dont want to hear you talking about my dick. Youre my step-sister! She keeps pushing, telling him about all the things shes been doing the last few days since she caught him. She tells him that she masturbated at school, at home, that she worked up to two fingers in her ass, and that she has been stretching herself out. Thats what youre supposed to do, right? She asks. Stretch yourself out for a big cock to fill you up? Jason turns away, adjusting himself. He tries to hide the erection forming and she can see he is getting excited. She crawls over to him on the bed and begs to become his anal virgin. She knows that this is his ultimate fantasy, based on everything she heard him say. He tries to get her to stop talking like that, but she is persistent, reiterating that no one has ever fucked her ass before and that she wants him to take her anal virginity. Finally, it gets to a point where Jason cant handle it anymore and he gives in, throwing her down on all fours, licking her asshole till it is wet, and then shoving his dick inside of her. BGA Sex Scene. At first, Jennifer reacts realistically to it being her first time, with a mix of pain and pleasure, but eagerly encourages her step-brother to keep going. He ends up pulling out and cumming on her ass.
After they are done, the mood dramatically changes in the room. Reality has hit. Jason nervously tries to clean his sister up and make her swear not to tell anyone. He feels very guilty and worried about their parents. They really shouldnt have done that. Its pretty gross, if you think about it. Jennifer assures him that she wont tell anyone, slowly deflated by the realization that her step-brother feels more regret than satisfaction after fucking her. He tells her to get out of his room, so he can clean himself up. She probably should too. She smells like ass. Man, this was such a stupid thing for them to do. With an awkward look on her face, she limps out of the room and slams the door.Site: Genre: Categories Brunette, Hardcore, Masturbation, Anal, Natural Tits, Teen, Asian, Family Roleplay, Step Sister, Ass to mouthDateRelease: 06-12-2018

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PureTaboo.com - Jaye Summers, Tyler Knight, Ricky Johnson - The Cookie Jar - HD/720p - 06-19-2018

SCENE opens on Travis and Amy, two college students, as they park their car in the driveway of a nice suburban house. The pair have been dating for months, but this will be the first time that Amy meets Travis parents and shes anxious. Shes so anxious, in fact, that Travis has been giving her pep talks throughout the entire drive. You shouldnt be so worried, he says, handing her a bag from the truck. My parents are very accepting people. Theyre going to love you, no matter what! Amy doesnt want to admit it, but she comes from a less affluent family and is very insecure about being welcomed into Travis upper middle-class life. Even her luggage looks shabby.
Travis puts his arm around his nervous girlfriend and guides her to the front door. Just as he turns the knob, his father opens the door greet them. The men share a big bear hug while Travis mom steps through the doorway to join in. Amy stands off to the side, awkwardly, until Travis notices and introduces her to his parents. His mom, Mrs. Greene, warmly takes Amy by the hand and invites her inside while his father offers to take her bags. This puts Amy at ease and she smiles shyly at the man before following her into the house. Mr. Greene holds the door open for them, sneaking a quick look at Amys behind before he shuts the door.
The camera pans across the kitchen while the family chats and cooks together. Amy is in awe of how amazing Travis parents are -- they seem to have the perfect nuclear family. Mrs. Greene is glamorous and sophisticated and his father, despite being quiet, is wise and successful. A very respected surgeon. She loves watching her boyfriend interact with them and thinks that it could be a glimpse into her own future! While the girl loosens up and begins more actively engaging in the conversation, Travis father secretly watches her. He is having his own thoughts about the future.
CUT to that evening. The family sits around the living room sharing dessert. Mrs. Greene is telling Amy all the embarrassing stories from when her son was young, much to Travis chagrin. As they laugh, Amy starts to notice Mr. Greene staring at her. They keep awkwardly making eye contact and it makes Amy nervous again. She wonders if his father dislikes her and, when he suddenly excuses himself to go to bed, she becomes convinced that its because shes done something wrong.
CUT to Amy brushing her teeth and looking anxious in the bathroom mirror. She walks back into Travis room and slips into bed beside him, while he jokes about fucking together in the same room he had as a boy. They kiss, and Travis tries to get on top of Amy, but she is clearly preoccupied. She asks if they can just crash instead. Its been a long day. Disappointed but understanding, Travis says sure and snuggles up beside her. He turns out the light. Amy quietly asks her boyfriend if he thinks his father hates her. Travis laughs and tells her to stop being ridiculous. Of course, he doesnt hate her. He is just a quiet man. They go to bed.
CUT to Amy lying on her side, staring at the clock. Its 2am. The girl has battled insomnia for most of the night and decides to slip out of bed to clear her mind.
She walks into the kitchen to get a glass of water when she finds herself face-to-face with Travis father. He is sitting in his bathrobe, eating milk and cookies. She is surprised to find him there. Sorry, I hope I didnt wake you, he says, dipping his cookie in the milk. I couldnt rest, she mutters. He asks if she wants some and, not wanting to offend him, Amy says ok and sits down. She awkwardly starts eating the cookie while he stares at her. It seems like you really like my boy, he says after a pause. She nods and tells him that Travis is amazing, the greatest guy shes ever dated. He keeps eating. I still think he has a lot of growing up to do, Mr. Greene says. Amy looks down awkwardly at her milk. There is another long pause. But ... you are certainly the most beautiful girl he has ever brought home, Mr. Greene continues. Amy blushes and says thank you, while he continues to stare at her. She begins to feel very hot in the face, as he adjusts his seat ever so slightly to lean in closer. I understand that you come from a difficult upbringing, he asks. And that dating Travis has represented quite a change in standards for you. Am I correct? Amy assures her boyfriends father that it isnt like that, she loves Travis because of who he is, not what he has. Mr. Greene eats another cookie. But, you agree that standards are important? He asks. She nods. He smiles at her. As a father, I hold Travis to extremely high standards. Im sure you can understand why. She nods again, starting to feel uneasy about where the conversation is going. Mr. Greene steps off his seat and stands in front of her. He isnt going to end up with just any woman, he father continues. He is going to end up with someone who is the right fit for both him and our family. Amy nervously whispers that she hopes that can include her. Mr. Greene smiles again. I think it can ... once you have earned my blessing.
There is an awkward silence in the room, as the weight of Mr. Greenes insinuations hang in the air. Amy looks down at the bulge in his pajama pants. What exactly are you asking, Mr. Greene? she mumbles. He removes his robe. I think Im making myself quite clear, Amy. He replies. If you want to be part of this family, youre going to need to start by impressing me. Feeling overwhelmed, Amy meekly argues that she doesnt want to hurt Travis. Mr. Greene tells her that the boy will never find out. In fact, they never need to speak about this again. Just 10 minutes now and she will have his full approval and support for life. She hesitates. You do realize why Travis brought you here this weekend, right? He asks. She shakes her head. The house is still. There is a ring in his bedroom with your name on it. A family heirloom. My grandmothers ring. He replies. The only thing Travis is waiting on is my opinion. He takes his cock out. Her mouth drops open, as she fully realizes what her future father-in-law is proposing. Its bigger than my sons, isnt it? Mr. Greene asks triumphantly. She looks back up at him. She cant believe this is happening. He really has a ring? she asks. Mr. Greene nods, smiling and starting to stroke her hair. Slowly getting to her knees, Amy tells her boyfriends father that she wants to marry Travis. Shell prove it. If this is what it takes, then fine. He just needs to tell her what to do. You can start by calling me daddy, he says and puts his cock in her mouth. First BG Sequence with Creampie. After he has cum inside of her, Mr. Greene pulls out and exits the kitchen leaving the girl naked and alone.
CUT to the next morning. Travis wakes up and rolls over to find Amy already awake. She is staring up at the ceiling, reeling from the guilt of her affair the night before. He kisses her good morning and, not wanting to give herself away, she kisses him back and he climbs on top of her to continue what he tried to start the night before. Second BG Sequence with Creampie. After Travis has come inside of his girlfriend, he holds her close. She tries desperately to hide her guilt. Do you know how much I love you? he asks. Amy smiles. Probably not as much as I love you, she whispers. Travis leaps out of bed, pulls a ring box from his drawer, and drops to his knees. He tells Amy that she is his soulmate, the only woman he has ever wanted to spend his life with and asks her to marry him. Breaking down, she says yes, and he kisses her, slipping the ring on her finger. Through her guilty tears, she chokes out that she loves him so much. He happily suggests they go and tell his parents the good news.Site: Genre: Categories Brunette, Piercings, Hardcore, Masturbation, Natural Tits, Small Tits, Tattoos, Petite, Interracial, Pussy to mouthDateRelease: 06-19-2018

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PureTaboo.com - Chloe Cherry, Mick Blue, Steve Holmes - A Father Unleashed - HD/720p - 07-17-2018

SCENE opens on an 18-year-old girl and an older man, Darla and her Uncle Gus, laughing and small-talking as they are midway through enjoying a coffee at a sunny outdoor caf\u00e9. At Darlas feet are several bags from high-end shopping boutiques, the spoils of their afternoon out together. We close in on them to catch the tail end of an anecdote, where Gus is telling Darla yet another embarrassing story about her step-father in his youth. I cant believe Dad was so wild as a kid, Darla laughs, hes so normal and boring now. You on the other hand... She trails off with a wink and a laugh before taking another sip of her coffee. Gus chuckles and says Well, I was always a bad influence on him. Just like youre a bad influence on me! he says, gesturing to the shopping bags at their feet, I spoil you way too much! But...you know I just cant say no to such a pretty face. His compliment has a sinister undertone to it, but Darla is too enamored with her uncle to notice. You know, she says after a time, my moms out of town for a business trip all weekend, if you dont have any plans you should come back to the house with me. You havent been over for supper in ages! Uncle Guss ears perk up at the invitation. He looks Darla up and down, hungrily basking in her features for a moment. That sounds wonderful! he exclaims. Who knows, maybe we can get you to bring out a bit of that wild side in your dad too.
Darlas step-father, Eric, is at his kitchen counter preparing dinner when Darla walks in, returning from her afternoon out. She greets her dad with a smile and starts setting down her bags in the kitchen. Eric is in the middle of greeting her and about to ask how her day was when his brother Gus steps into view. A few steps behind Darla, Gus leans nonchalantly against the doorframe to the kitchen, and gives his brother a smug smile. Erics body noticeably tenses at the sight of him, and they share a look. Hello Gus, Eric mutters. Long time no see, Ricky! Gus says cordially. Eric winces and reminds his brother to call him Eric. What are you doing here, Gus? Darla, not noticing the tension between them, casually explains that she invited Uncle Gus over for supper. With mom gone all weekend, I thought we could use the extra company! she beams. Eric sputters and clears his throat, and eventually just says Fine. He is clearly not happy. Gus strolls into the kitchen and pats Eric on the back. He starts telling his brother about their day out, and about all the clothes he bought Darla. He remarks that the girls so gorgeous, she didnt try on a single item that didnt look stunning on her. In fact, he says joyfully, Darla sweetheart, why dont you try on a couple of your new outfits for your dear old dad and I? Darla gladly agrees, and heads to another room with a bag to change.
While Darla is out of the room, the tension breaks as Eric becomes less reserved and more angry. You shouldnt be here, Gus, if Marlene found out you were at our house... Gus keeps his cool and seems to enjoy pushing his brothers buttons. Good thing shes on a business trip then, she never has to know I was here. Eric blinks back, a bit deflated. She thinks youre a bad influence on me. Gus laughs, bemused. Does she now... maybe she just doesnt know the real you then. Or maybe you havent told her about all the shit we used to do together. Picking up random girls, fucking their brains out, sometimes filling up both their holes at once... Eric winces as Gus brings up all his old exploits, those days are behind him now. Hes a father now. Step-father, Gus corrects. Its not like youve developed some kind of paternal instincts or anything, I know the old wild Ricky is still in you somewhere. Eric hears scuffling from the other room and shushes his brother, just in time for Darla to walk back out clad in a cocktail or clubbing dress and heels. Wow, beaaautiful! Gus gushes, and he encourages Darla to pose in various positions while he goads Eric on. Doesnt she look amazing? Eric watches stiffly and chokes out some one-word responses while Darla poses in her outfit and talks with Gus. After a minute or so, Gus suggests they see another one. Darla picks up another outfit and moves to walk out of the room when Gus says Darla, you can change here, its no bother! Were all family here, right? Darla shrugs, she supposes its fine.
She starts removing her outfit. From over the two mens shoulders, we watch intently as Darla kicks off her heels and changes from her more elegant outfit to a skimpier one, a tight tee-shirt and short shorts. With a slight turn of his head, not enough to obstruct the cameras view, Gus turns to speak softly to his brother. Look at thaaat, he mutters. Eric winces again. Gus begins describing Darlas features as they watch her change, putting emphasis on how young she looks. Dont tell me that doesnt bring out something in you, Ricky. Ive watched Darla grow up, and man has she grown. You have eyes just like I do. I know you see it too. Eric has a pained expression on his face, but despite that he cant help watching Darla change. His breath is ragged, and hes biting his lip hard.
Darla finishes changing, and again Gus convinces her to pose for them. For the first minute, Eric remains stiff and silent, but then something cracks in him. He asks if she can hand him something from one of the lower cabinets. Sure dad, she says cheerily, and bends down to open the cabinet door. Eric takes a prolonged look at her ass as she does. Attagirl, he says. Gus sees this change in his brother and smiles. Gus asks for Darla to show off another purchase - he remembers a nice bra and panties they picked up at an underwear store, what about that? For the first time, Darla looks skeptical - wouldnt that be a bit weird? But Eric clears his throat and says No, its fine. Actually, if my daughters buying fancy underwear, thats something her dad should know about, right? Might mean she has a boy around. Darla rolls her eyes, meanwhile Gus corrects him a second time - Step-daughter. And Darlas eighteen now, she can do what she wants, right Darla? Exactly, she says, and fishes out the bra and panties to hold up to her dad. See? Theyre not even that sexual. Theyre just nice material.
Gus asks her to put them on, and for the first time Darla looks truly uncomfortable. I dont know, thats not really appropriate, is it? Gus puts on a pouty face. I spent a lot of money on these gifts for you, Darla, dont I deserve to at least see them on you? Darla starts to stutter back a response but doesnt quite know what to say. Her dad cuts her off. Darla, dont be rude. If your uncle gave you a gift and he just wants to see you enjoying that gift, its not a lot to ask, is it? She looks flustered, but she supposes not. She is about to head off to change, when her father stops her. Heres fine. Remember what your uncle said? Were all family. Darla looks uncomfortable but says OK dad and starts undressing.
The mood for this third change of outfits is palpably different. Darla takes her clothes off hesitantly and tries to cover up her breasts and her crotch with her hands when she removes her old underwear to put on the store-bought ones. All the while, she sneaks frequent concerned glances back up at the men as she does. All subtlety from the two men is gone, theyre watching her almost like animal predators stalking prey. No words are exchanged between the two, and Darlas attempts at lightening the mood fall flat. By the time shes changed into the bra and panties, shes no longer in the mood for posing. She looks and feels exposed as she stands in front of the two.
Very nice, Gus says approvingly, dont you think she looks very nice, Ricky? Her dad breathes in deeply, acting more and more unlike the stiff man from earlier. Yes, Gus, she does look quite nice. My daughters a full-grown woman now. Gus takes a step forward, closing the distance between him and Darla. I have to confess, just getting to see her in these outfits... isnt doing enough for me. You know, Ive bought you a lot of gifts over the years. I think its time I got a proper thank you. What does he mean, Darla asks nervously. Gus tauntingly plays with the fly of his pants. I want the kind of thank you only a grateful young woman like yourself can give. I want to fuck you. Darla protests - what? No! Thats disgusting! Theyre family! She turns to her dad pleadingly, but he looks back at her vacantly. Well, Darla, he did buy you all these nice things. You accepted them. Surely the thought must have crossed your mind he might want something in return. Youre old enough to know that your actions have consequences. Darla looks at him with tearful betrayal. Then she looks back to Gus. Tell me what to do and Ill do it. But just this one time, Im not taking a cent from you ever again.
Gus tells her to get on her knees in front of him and unzips his fly. He instructs her to suck his dick. She does so, and for about a minute Ricky looks on at her sucking dick with an expression of craving and curiosity. Eventually, his hand moves towards his crotch, and Gus notices this. He stops Darla from sucking. You know, Gus says, your step-dad has paid to take care of you for years now. Hes raised you as his own daughter. Doesnt he deserve a proper thank you too? Darla looks up at them both with rage and disappointment in her eyes, but after several seconds nods her head yes. Eric unzips his fly and pulls out his hard dick and brings his daughters head forward to suck it.Site: Genre: Categories Step Dad, Blonde, Hardcore, Threesome, Anal, Natural Tits, Small Tits, Anal Fingering, Fingering, TeenDateRelease: 07-17-2018

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SCENE opens on Tina, a successful photographer, and her husband, Jeremy, as they are having sex in their bedroom. The couple kiss passionately as he climbs on top and starts fucking her in missionary position. Tina loves it and begs him to go deeper. At a certain point, he pulls out and eagerly asks if he can try to put it in her ass again. Her demeanor changes, as she looks up at her husband anxiously. We can try..., she says, nervously rolling over. But not if it hurts, ok? Jeremy gets very excited and, grabbing his lube, greases her up and starts trying to stretch out her asshole. She squirms and grimaces, clearly uncomfortable, as he slips a finger inside her tight hole. Be careful please, she begs him. He slowly removes his finger and starts to try and slide himself inside. The camera focuses on her face, as she winches at the penetration. It hurts very badly and, after a few desperate minutes of trying to make it work, Tina finally cries STOP! Please Jeremy! I cant do it! Disappointed and frustrated, Jeremy pulls out and gets off the bed in a huff. He wipes himself up without looking at his wife. Feeling very guilty, Tina curls up into a ball and apologizes. She tried, she really did. He tells her to forget it. I made the mistake of not doing it before we got married, he says coldly. I should have known better. She apologizes again as he exits the room, leaving her naked and alone on the bed.
Tina, dressed professionally, sits behind her desk at the studio she runs. She is zoned out, thinking about the night before, when her perky young assistant, Carly, comes in with some mood boards. The duo is planning an upcoming wedding shoot and Carly wants to show her boss some of the ideas she has put together for their client. As Tina looks over her work, Carly senses that something is wrong. Tina seems very distracted, as she has been over the past few weeks. Even though the women have always had a very professional relationship and Tina is her boss, theyve nonetheless grown quite close. Is everything ok, Tina? Carly asks cautiously. Tina snaps out of her daze and smiles at her assistant. Yes, Im sorry. Just have a lot of my mind lately. Not wanting to push the issue, Carly goes back to the mood board. While she describes her concepts, Tina stares at her. She is so young and carefree, barely 20 years old. Tina cant even remember what it feels like to be that outgoing. Can I ask you a personal question? She finds herself saying. When Carly says yes, Tina asks if the girl has ever had anal sex. Im sorry, thats probably TMI! She apologizes, her face blushing as she instantly regrets the question. Carly laughs and tells her not to worry about it. Of course I have, she replies. Anal sex really isnt that big of a deal these days! This makes Tina cringe inside. She asks Carly if she enjoys it. Her assistant, happy to be having a friendly talk with the woman she admires so much, tells her that she loves it. It feels amazing, especially once you get used to it. I dont really get to have it very much anymore, since I broke up with my boyfriend. She adds. But I used to have it all the time! Tina, loosening up a little bit, starts to share her own situation. She tells her assistant about her husbands desires and her efforts to try and please him. No matter what toys she buys or how little she eats to prepare herself, she just cant handle the pain. She feels like a failure, as if shes holding him back from something. Carly asks if the couple have ever thought of having a threesome or going to a swingers party. Tina shakes her head nervously. Shes never considered any of that. Should she? Well, Carly jokes nonchalantly, feeling great about the heart-to-heart they are having. If you ever need to tag me in, dont hesitate to ask! I miss anal! She goes back to describing her mood board, as the joke weighs heavily on Tinas mind.
CUT to that evening. Tina comes home from work to find her husband already eating dinner. She is surprised that he didnt wait for her. When she sits down in the kitchen to join him, he gives her the cold shoulder. She tries to small talk and ignore the elephant in the room, but the conversation soon drifts back to the night before. Im really sorry that I keep chickening out, she says. I want to do it, Jeremy, I really do! Jeremy forks his food without looking up at her or responding. Feeling anxious and guilty, she adds that shes even started asking her friends for advice. Like who? He asks, eyes still on his food. You dont have any friends anymore. All you do is work! Trying her best to ignore his passiveaggressiveness, Tina tells him that she talked to her assistant about it. He should be happy to know that what he is feeling is actually very common these days. Her assistant is twenty and does it all the time. She even joked about having a threesome together. Jeremys eyes light up. He puts his fork down and hugs his wife. Are you serious? He says. That is such an amazing idea! Tina tells him that she was pretty sure the girl was joking, but she wouldnt be opposed to discussing an open relationship if it made Jeremy happy. Her husband asks to see a photo of the assistant. Tina reiterates that it was probably just a joke and he should forget about it, but he cuts her off. Why would she get his hopes up just to shoot him down again? Its only a damn picture. When Tina relents and shows him a photo from Carlys social media, he gets even more excited. Jeremy tells his wife to invite her over tonight. She already said she would do it! They shouldnt wait for her to change her mind. Besides, Tinas her boss ... it wouldnt take too much convincing. Tina protests but Jeremy gets mad at her. It isnt fair. Why would she even tell him about this if she didnt want to do it too? She is constantly disappointing him. Finally, the conflicted wife agrees to text the girl and invite her over.
CUT to Carly as she is wrapping up yoga practice on the lawn outside her complex. The camera follows her tight ass as she flexes and stretches in her yoga pants. She is very surprised to receive a text from her boss, who normally doesnt contact her unless its a work emergency. When she asks whats up, she is even more surprised that Tina is inviting her over for a cocktail at her house to discuss some upcoming projects. Excited and proud to be included, she agrees and says shell be over shortly.
CUT to that night. The doorbell rings and a frazzled-looking Tina answers it, inviting Carly inside. The woman immediately asks her to sit down on the couch and leaves abruptly to get her a cocktail. Carly notices how odd her boss is acting but brushes it off. After all, as she said, the woman just has a lot on her mind these days. As Carly looks around the nice house, Jeremy enters the room. He warmly introduces himself and sits down beside the assistant. They small talk until Tina returns, with a bottle of wine and some glasses. She nervously sets them down on the table and asks her husband if he would open the bottle. She forgot to. He leaves to fetch a corkscrew, squeezing Tinas shoulders tightly on the way out.
Once alone, Carly asks her boss which upcoming projects she wanted to go over. Tina smiles, her mouth quivering as she tries to calm her nerves. Actually, I wanted to talk to you about what you said earlier today. She says. I have decided that I would like you to have anal sex with my husband. Carly stares at her boss, awkwardly. Um ... I really hope I didnt offend you earlier, she says. I was absolutely joking about that. Tina remains stoic and reiterates that she isnt offended. She wants her to do it. She wants her to do it tonight, in fact, while she watches. So ... I can learn, she chokes out. Carly grabs her purse. Im sorry Tina, she says getting up. That really wouldnt be appropriate for me to do. Youre my boss. She tries to walk to the front door but is stopped by Jeremy coming back. Where are you going? He asks gently. Tina rushes between them and pulls Carly back into the living room. She whispers sternly into her ear that the assistant offered to do it and now she expects it to be done. Carly cannot believe what is happening. I was just trying to be a friend, she whispers.
Tina makes her sit back down beside Jeremy. Well, we arent friends, she replies. You work for me. And Im asking you to please get this done. We dont need to discuss it. Carly goes very quiet, as the married couple study her reaction. Like my wife said, Jeremy chimes in sweetly. It would only be this one time. Just to help her out. Honey, didnt you mention she was due for an increase soon? He is trying to help his wife negotiate. Tina swallows hard and nods. Carly looks at both in them in disgust. Tina, are you really doing this to me? She demands, angrily. Tina starts to back pedal but Jeremy shoots her a look. I think its important to remember how much my wife trusts you, he adds. She wouldnt ask you to do this if she didnt think you were up to it. And you said you love anal sex, right? Carly ignores him and stares at her boss. You are putting me in an incredibly bad position, Tina. She says curtly. I have been your assistant for over a year. Ive worked overtime. Ive worked weekends. Ive done things even when they were not in my job description. Ive always tried to be the best employee. Tina puts her head in her hands, reeling from the guilt. Carly starts to take off her clothes. She turns to Jeremy. So you want to fuck me in the ass? She asks, raging. Jeremy nods. Tina looks at them through her fingers. Carly rips her hands away from her face and demands that her boss watch. So, you can learn, right? she asks, laughing in her disgust. You are a pathetic woman! She gets down on her knees and tells Jeremy to take out his dick, so she can get it nice and wet. Then, she says. You can stick it in my ass. At least I can take it! BGA Sex Scene. Throughout the sex, Carly instructs Jeremy how to fuck her the way she likes it while Tina cowers in the room, watching and feeling guilty. Even time the wife tries to join in, Carly either makes her do something humiliating to her husband or wait by the sideline. It isnt long before the satisfied Jeremy pulls out and cums over Carlys ass.
Tina tries to apologize to Carly, as the assistant quickly throws back on her clothes and heads for the front door. She informs her boss that she is quitting. She doesnt want anything to do with her any more.Site: Genre: Categories Blonde, Brunette, Big Tits, Hardcore, Anal, Natural Tits, Anal Fingering, Fingering, Petite, HairyDateRelease: 07-26-2018

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